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Here are some examples of our latest work. 
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
Completion of a week long Lifeguard Training Challenge course @ Pine Cove Ranch Camp in Tyler!
Instructor "Christina"  demonstrating proper hand/arm alignment at Pine Cove Towers in Tyler on a victim with a suspected spinal injury. The victim could be face up,face down, or even underwater while using this technique that protects their head, neck and back before placing them on the backboard!
Lifeguard Training @ Allaso Ranch in Hawkins.  Guards are simulating a suspected spinal injury.  The guards learn to protect the victims spine during the entire water rescue, backboarding and removal from the water. They must also be prepared to provide additional emergency care as needed.
Lifeguards learning to enter the water quickly while keeping their eyes on the victim, esecially important when the victim is in an openwater environment! Openwater/Waterfront Lifeguard Training @ Youth With A Mission at their Twin Oaks Ranch facility near Lindale in Garden Valley TX.
Instructor "David" explaining a rescue technique to lifeguards sponsored by Reevesoutdoor.com Billboard Advertising of East Texas.
Open Water lifegaurd training at Allaso Ranch In Hawkins TX. Guards become expert in both swimming pool and openwater surveillance and rescue techniques in the Waterfront Lifeguarding course.
Lifeguards training at Allaso Ranch to extricate (remove) during a simulated urgent medical emergency in an openwater environment. Critcal response training is paramount when EMS may not be able to reach a victim. Guards must know how to deal with the logistics as well as the injuries or illness!
Lifeguards practicing rescue skills at Reevesoutdoor.com  class. The guards will learn first aid, CPR (BLS), how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), spinal management in and out of the water and so much more in addition to the water based rescue skills!
Lifeguards practicing BLS (CPR) skills @ Allaso Ranch Camp (allasoranch.com).  They learn how to adminster supplemental oxygen, use a bag valve mask, perform first aid and more during their lifeguard training!
Lifeguard Openwater Training at Allaso Ranch.  Zip lines, high slides, lazy river, lakes and swimming pools, platforms, etc... As professional responders, lifeguards learn to deal with many types of emergencies!
Lifeguards practice many lifesaving skills, such as dealing with a choking emergency! Kids, swimming pools, camps, food, allergies, injuries, illness, etc.. all could lead up to an emergency.  Guards are ready for just about anything!
No reason we can't have some fun!  Tallents are encouraged in our classes!  While individual efforts are very important, we train from a "Team" centered perspective. Fun time activities serve to enhance Team building/Bonding apptitudes.
Skills Check-offs!  Packed with realistic emergency response training scenarios, Guards make great future nurses as in the case of this RN training out at Youth With A Mission in an Openwater Lifeguard class! This is no clinical! This is as close to real as it gets!
Good entry techniques help emergency responders keep their eyes on the victim while closing the distance to the victim quickly! Guards learn to function intentionally with both urgency and awaerness to protect themselves as well as others!
Lifeguards training at Pine Cove Bluffs Camp in Tyler Tx during the Trailblazing Week. A full week of intense lifeguard training and learning to function as a Pine Cove Camp counselor is no easy task! These guards swim almost 100 miles collectively during their week of training!
Backboarding is the paramount skill that lifeguards learn!  We teach solid and dependable techniques. Guards at Allaso Ranch prepare a victim to be removed from the lake with possible injuries to the head, neck, back, arms and legs, to ensure a stable arrival at the hospital!
The possibilty of a drowning is always present.  Guards learn to rescue and remove unconscious victims from the water and perform any lifesaving follow-up interventions, such as CPR,BLS or rescue breathing if needed. They learn to professionally assess victims for life-threatening injuries/illness!
Lifeguards learn to expertly backboard in shallow water before moving into deep water! Perfecting technique and fully understanding concepts ensure guards can adapt to less stable environments such as deep water and chaotic emergencies!
The week long training course, such as this one at Pine Coves Ranch Camp involves skills and endurance training! These guards swim 500 meters regularly, even towing a victim! This helps them build their rescue muscles including confidence!
Panic and drowning can lead to situations where a victim grabs another person! Guards learn to make multiple victim rescues when this happens! In an openwater environment such as at Youth With A Mission, guards must respond quickly! We work hard, but as you see we have fun doing so!
Lifeguards are certified in CPR also know as Basic Life Support. Just one of their skill sets, guards are ready to respond in most emergencies!
Instructors preparing lifeguards for a skills practice at Pine Cove Ranch Camp.
Proper Technique is vital to safely removing a victim from a dagerous situation! Guards learn strokes,kicks,towing,pulling,etc.. while keeping the victim firmly secured to the rescue tube for safety and to reassure the victim that they are now safe!
Teamwork is the "Cornerstone" of improved outcomes! Each member of the team has a part to perform. Unity of purpose and strong skills ensure that the greatest hope for the victim is found in the lifeguard team caring for them!
Teambuilding is built into our concept of training. These students, lifeguards, may not end up working at the same place, but they develop a strong "team oriented" perspective during our course; whether it is a week-long or week-end course! The idea here is accomplishing much more with teamwork!
Working together to accomplish a goal requires leadership along with a willingness to follow! The  middle person can't see where she is going, but through good communication, trust and feedback, she arrives with the rest of the team! Everything is backwards for her, and she is the teams leader!
With the priority for survival being a functional airway and breathing, Lifeguards learn to deal with those types of emergencies even when a spinal injury might be present! Guards learn to assess and prioritize emergencies according to Maslow's Hierarchy of physical needs.
We train your guards where they work! Like a cop on his "Beat" guards need to know their "beat" too!  For Camp guards, that is usually the entire camp property! Lifeguards are the ones everyone else looks to when there is an emergency!
Time is critical! Urgency can be seen in the actions of these guards, when the instructor added a life-threatening condition to the victim during a routine (it's never routine) backboard training. Guards learn to re-task based on priorites without losing focus on the big picture!
Happy faces at the completion and blessing of a new batch of lifeguards at Youth With A Mission campus.  These guards trained in the pool and in the lake.
When there is more than one victim things get worse much faster! Our guards are trainied to safely and quickly respond in these types of emergencies
Maintaining constant spinal immobilization is a priority when backboarding a victim.  These guards are attending to the various aspects of backboarding while keeping the victim protected with a good immobilization technique! Communication is the most important aspect of backboarding!
In openwater environments time is critical! Team based drills help guards think critically, form a plan, evaluate and implement the plan quickly while ensuring the safety of the victim. Functioning on the "Fly" requires good communication skills, strong abilities, urgency and teamwork!
Lifeguard Training at Teen Mania near Van TX. Goofin off!  Hard work and hard training go hand in hand with loads of fun in our classes! "Hy mom, no need to worry about me here at lifeguard camp"!
Great entry!  Youth with A Mission (YWAM).  Lifeguards learn many rescue skills.  As an Instructor, you not only need to have good skills, but you need to be able to teach those skills to others. As this future instructor demonstrates perfect form!
Lifeguard Instructor Candidates learn to plan and then implement various logistical activities so that students gain the most from their lifeguard training course.  These ladies were newly certified instructors and were co-teaching at Pine Cove with a senior instructor. Now independant Instructors!
Our instructors plan each aspect of the training course and even the individual training session or block! Being prepared does not come naturally, Our Instructor Trainers teach instructor candidates to intentionally plan for each event and portion of training!
Tylerlifeguard trains staff for almost every pool operator in East Texas.  This includes such places as The City of Tyler, Pine Cove, Sky Ranch, Stonefort Encampment, The Villages and Waterpark, Splash Kingdom, etc... This guard works at Holly Tree Country Club in Tyler.
Now an Instructor, Christina is seen here many years ago practicing First Aid skills during a Lifegaurd class at Kilgore College!  Guards learn to control bleeding, splinting and binders, dealing with sudden illness, and other emegency and first aid responses as well as all of the rescue skills!
Lifeguards are certified and professional emergency responders.  They have a wide skill base when it comes to dealing with emergencies both in the water and out.  Hire a lifeguard for any of your staffing needs and you have a pro on your team!
Safety is always first!  With that said, we teach students to function in real emergencies by creating urgency and through student lead self-evaluation, we train students to see the "big picture". By helping them focus on critical aspects, "simulated" and real victims have better outcomes
Instructor "Kayla" during a conditioning "rescue-tube" swim at Pine Coves Bluffs Camp. We teach from the deck and in the water. We teach from the podium and from the floor! We are expert at all that we teach!
CPR, BLS training at Pine Cove Timbers Camp during the Lifeguard Training course.  We have no shortage of equipment! Skills training time is maximized because students don't have to share equipment or take turns practicing. Our equipment is top of the line!
We evaluate our students from many perspectives.  Since we capture shots and video from underwater as well as above, our students have the benefit of seeing what they are doing. We gladly give them copies of their training experience for no cost. Just have a thumb drive with 2-4 Gb's available).
While at Pine Cove Timbers Camp in Tyler, these lifeguards are practicing backboarding!
We train Instructor candidates to become instructors of many disciplines.  This class of candidates all successfully completed the Community First Aid and CPR Instructor course held at the Smith County Red Cross building (Tyler). Many of them also "Bridge" to become Professional level Instructors!
Private class at homeowners pool. Pool owners should consider taking a lifeguard class so they will know what to do in an emergency and how to prevent emergencies.  Invite some friends and get trainined!
Most swimming pool injuries take place at private home pools.This class was conducted at the request of the homeowner for their own purposes. The course was tailored to meet the specific needs of their pool, location, access and other factors contributing to the overall safety of all that swim here!
Now Lifeguard Instructors, having completed their Instructor training couse during a cold time of the year, used wetsuits! Having performed their own training in very difficult circumstances only makes them better instructors by helping them understand the difficulties their students may also face
Our instructors understand that students have varied learning needs.  Having excellent skills, great communication, great knowledge and a focused but "down-to earth" teaching disposition, our instructors ensure everyone in class learns well!
Lifeguard Instructor Training Course in Tyler includes everything you need to teach new lifeguard students to become American Red Cross Lifeguards. First Aid, CPR, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens and O2 administration are just a few of the classes you can teach as a lifeguard instructor.
Having just completed the last of their Pool training and "Teach-backs" at Pine Cove Shores Camp in Tyler, these ladies, cold but ecstatic, went on to train a new batch of lifeguards with several other senior instructors for Pine Coves many Camp sites.
Family owned, we know our equipment! In fact, we set up our equipment so it can be used for many years before it needs to be updated or replaced. As a service to our customers and community, we will donate a strapped backboard to individuals and facilities that have 12 or more paying customers.
Family owned, we assisit our partners aquire and set up equipment! We provide a free backboard with straps to customers that have 12 or more paying students. We can assist you with other equipment purchases as well (No fee)!
Instructor "Christina" explaining and planning a final skill scenario for guards at Pine Cove Towers Camp. Final skills scenarios are where everything you learned during the training is put together and you get to perform in a realistic situation! Final Skills are way too much fun also!
Part of earning the lifeguard certification is testing your skills during realistic skills scenarios where anything you learned in the course could be contributing to the emergency you're dealing with. Putting it all together is what this part is all about! It's also the most fun part of the course!
Oh, did I mention that Lifeguard training with TYLERLIFEGUARD is alot of fun?
Lifeguard Instructors, in addition to Lifeguarding, teach 1st Aid, CPR for the Healthcare Provider (BLS), Community 1st Aid and CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, Oxygen Administration, Lifeguard Management, and just about every emergency medical response course taught by Red Cross.
East Texas looks to TYLERLIFEGUARD for expert information and advice! Instructor Trainer and nurse "Randy", interviewed by CBS 19, demonstrates and explains the new Emergency Cardiovascular Care Guidelines (ECC). Evidence based statistics and new science helps establish the way BLS/CPR is conducted.
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This class in Whitehouse just finished their weekend Lifeguard training and are reday to hit the stand!  May 2014!
Training Pine Cove Boat Drivers in Open Water Rescue Operations out in Lake Palestine
Training Pine Cove Boat Drivers in Open Water Rescue Operations
Training Pine Cove Boat drivers in Open Water Rescue Operations
Angela is a cardiac monitor tech from Lousiana that came out for a private class.
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