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Nurse Aide Training is coming soon
We are currently in the process of finalizing our Nurse Aide Training Program with the State Of Texas.  We will utilize The American Red Cross certification program.  

Tylerlifeguard has several long time nurses on the Instructor staff and we will be the first School in Texas to offer the Oldest and most renown Nurse Aide Training program; The American Red Cross!  

Red Cross has been training both nurses and nurse aides since the 1830's.  Click here to learn more!    Red Cross has been offering Nurse Aide Training all over the USA and the world for a very long time.  So we are excited to see it finally come to Texas!

We will be offering the lowest prices in town and based on our clinical site, we might be able to help students who excel by working hard and maintaining a professional work ethic receive FREE training and certification through a new hire reimbursement incentive determined by the hiring facilities!  You can't beat that for a good deal!  

While we haven't finalized everything just yet, you can expect the course fee to be about $650ish and maybe less!