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We certify customers in either American Heart Association BLS or American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Healthcare Provider based on individual needs. This certification is good for 2 years from the date of the class and is designed for those with a duty to respond in an emergency. This includes nurses, EMT's Paramedics, Law enforcement, Fire, Lifeguards, Nurse Aides, etc...


1st Aid/CPR
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Regardless of which course you are taking with TYLERLIFEGUARD, our team based approach to learning promotes effective responses when an emergency takes place. The evidence based result of this training concept is better patient/victim outcomes!  Training with us makes you "Good" when it gets "Bad"! 

If you have any questions regarding our training or would like specific information on a particular course, please contact us:
American Red Cross Lifeguard Training includes CPR/AED, 1st Aid, Water Rescue skills. Waterfront and Waterpark certifications available as well! All certifications associated with this training are good for 2 years from the date of certification. Even though this is a fun and exciting course, Lifeguards are highly trained in emergency response skills including spinal management on land and in the water and hold a professional license much like an EMT. Lifeguarding offers a challenging and rewarding opportunity. Not to mention, lifeguards make $9-$14 an hour. 

​The following fees are per participant. 
Scheduled classes $285

$190 for recertification if not already expired
For community or private individuals, this training is designed to help those that do not have a "duty" to respond be prepared, nonetheless, to respond, in an emergency! You will learn typical 1st Aid, CPR/AED responses for adults, children and infants. Although there are very few differences between Healthcare provider and community CPR courses, this training should not be taken by those who are required by license to respond to medical emergencies. 

The following fees are per participant. 
Customeer arranged classes
$95 for 10 or more students
$115 for less than 10
6 student minimum
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