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​Update for Continued/Safe Training
As we navigate this trying time, we look forward to the warmer days quickly approaching. According to information provided by our Health and Safety services including the Task Force, we should anticipate a return to a more normal environment as the weather warms. 
As summer kicks off so many more people will be looking to get out of the house and start getting active again! This means the Health Clubs, the pools and lakes, the parks and Theme Parks will all need their usual staffing. Emergency Medical Responders including Lifeguards will be in high demand as they are every year. For this reason, Red Cross has not suspended Health and Safety training. in fact, both Red Cross and American Heart Association are stressing the importance of the continuation of these kinds of training. Of course, they have provided guidance for instructors and participants involved in that training. We recognize that Life Saving Skills are always important to have! But even more so when there are situations like we have at this time! 

Tylerlifeguard has always been positioned to accommodate this new environment we currently find ourselves in. We have always had more than enough equipment so that each lifeguard or CPR student does not have to share those items. We did this a long time ago for the sake of saving time! Who would have ever thought that we would be now doing it as a way to give each other a little extra space!

 We’ve recently had an anticipated increase in the training at the Hospital and EMS and other emergency responder levels with all that is going on, so we are already well accustomed to and practicing with the current safety needs and guidelines for our students. 

We will continue training as posted. As a community, we can’t afford to find ourselves at the beginning of summer, right when people are getting out there, without having the trained staff to open pools, lakes, parks, etc…!

 We of course, will be modifying the training environment as necessary to accommodate the current needs, but remember, in the water, we will be most safe as water disperses microbial agents, dilutes them to insufficient quantity to transmit and chlorinated water disinfects and destroys them. 

 As an incentive to promote even higher levels of professional aptitude among our students, we are including the Blood Borne Pathogens/ Preventing Disease Transmission Training Modules in all of our course this year. This will be done at our cost and students will receive this training and certification for free! This training module, by itself, will inform students on how to safeguard all lives both now and for the future. And will ensure they have the highest level of training and certification to offer their employer. This will likely make them Team Leaders at their places of employment as most others will not have these certifications. We understand the needs and concerns of our community because we are part of it!

Just like all of you, we are praying for everyone’s health and safety. And just like all of you, we are looking, or rather, faithfully moving, in the direction of that which we are hoping for by intentional preparation for the future. We need well Trained and highly capable Emergency Responders! Lives will be saved!

Thank you for your time and concern, We look forward to taking this journey with you as we prepare the best for the best!

Randell A Plaza RN, LGIT, ARC/AHA 

The American Red Cross and The American Heart Association continue to stress the importance of on-going, though modified, Life Saving services and Emergency Responder Training. 

In light of these on-going needs, TYLERLIFEGUARD will continue training responders and healthcare providers using the recommended modified training guidelines utilizing both traditional classroom  and Blended Learning formats. Please read the following updates to better understand what will be taking place during this time. 
On-line Lifeguard Training Option
Online Lifeguard Training

Red Cross has a Blended Learning Lifeguard Training program. Due to the recent events, Tylerlifeguard will be offering this blended format to reduce the actual classroom time students will need. We will, of course, still be in the pool for skills and training, but if you have read, or will read the other letter I have added above, you will see how this will be conducted.

The student will need to contact us as usual through this website using the “Contact Us” button. They will fill out the info requested, and we will respond to you very quickly. Upon registering, the student will receive a direct link to the on-line classroom training which they will need to complete ahead of the pool sessions. Upon completion of the pool training the student will be fully certified as any other lifeguard would be.  The only exception to that is that our students will also have advanced certification, for free to them, in Preventing Disease Transmission (Blood Borne Pathogens) attached to their Lifeguard license. This is an invaluable and highly sought-after certification and you will be receiving it for free. 

This will reduce the classroom time we spend together significantly as the students will complete the classroom portions and tests online. We will be able to move immediately to the skills for each part of the training and the student will receive credit for satisfactory achievement during the skills practice phase instead of during a final skills test for each skill. We will begin the training with completion of the CPR/AED and Pathogens training, then spend the remainder of the course, essentially, in the water.

Our schedule for Blended Learning courses will be on Fridays from 5p-10p and then 8a-8p on the following Saturday. We may be done sooner than 8p depending on student performance. We look forward to offering this format to address both the concerns and the needs of our community!  

Thank you, 

Randell A Plaza RN, LGIT, ARC/AHA

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