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Rapid Recertification of ACLS and BLS using the Online/Instructor led format.  

​The typical student will have a current or recently expired ACLS and/or a BLS certification.  The renewal process is very simple.  The student will contact us via the website, email, text or phone call to let us know you are signing up.  Payment will be made and a link will be sent so the student can complete the online portion of the course.  This will completed by the student according to their own schedule.  Many of our students have completed the online portion in just a few hours and then met with the instructor on the same day to complete the instructor led skills evaluation. 

If you are needing one of these certs or both of them so that you can return to work or begin taking agency shifts, this is an excellent way to get it done much quicker than waiting for a scheduled class or driving to another city.  Losing on-the-clock time can be very expensive in lost wages and travel.  

Most students do this training over the course of a week or two and feel unrushed and ready to complete the skills portion at their convenience. There is no rush! Yet, in a desperate situation, this is the perfect answer to your panic attack! 

Don't worry about these certs being accepted by your agency!  These are the American Heart Association ACLS and BLS certifications.  Students may opt for the American Red Cross certifications as well if they chose, however at this time, we recommend the AHA certifications because the local hospital systems are more familiar with AHA .  You will leave with the BLS E-Cert immediately and the ACLS certification will be in a digital format emailed to you soon after the completion day, which can be immediately forwarded to your employer and/or printed out as a certificate or wallet card as well.